A Consumers Roofing Check List

Houston-roofing-companies-consumer-roofing-check-listFor some, just the thought of installing a new roof on their home can cause nightmares of wasted money, disasters and never ending headaches!

So we decided to give you this cool “Roofing Check-list”.



We hope this gives you everything you need to save money and achieve a new roofing installation free of nightmares or headaches!

Before you accept a bid / contract

  • Ask your roofer for local roofing projects they have completed in your area and BE SOCIAL!

1. Make sure that the projects are references (real people who can be contacted)
2. Be Social & speak to the homeowners.
3. Ask them about the price, the quality, customer service, timeline & the clean up.

  • Do your best to compare the base price of different roofing materials.

Examples: Asphalt shingles, slate tiles, clay & concrete tiles

  • Always consider Trustworthiness, Level of Skill and Experience over a cheaper price.

1. It’s always nice to find a roofing solution that fits your budget…but be careful!
2. We hear a ton of roofing horror stories from homeowners needing our help.
3. The worst stories usually involve an inexpensive, inexperienced roofer who either vanished during the middle of the project or they didn’t properly install the roof.

  • Comparing local roofing contractors can help to weed out your risky options
  • Avoid roofers who are lacking business & financial stability

1. Do they have a physical place of business?
2. Think about it. If the roofer you choose to install your new roof goes out of business…what happens to your labor warranty when something goes wrong?

Roofing Bids / Estimates / Contracts

  • Roofing Leaks

1. If your new roof leaks within a certain period of time from the installation…who is responsible?

  • How long will this take?

1.  Installing a new roof involves a great deal of construction work

2. Make sure you and your roofer agree on a time table regarding how long your roof will be off and how long their equipment will be on your residential property

3. Discuss terms regarding the clean up process after they are finished

  • Warranties and Guaranties

1. We would not recommend choosing a roofer who does not offer at least one of these

2. Make sure to discuss terms and conditions of any Warranty or Guaranty

3. What does it cover? (Labor, materials, etc.)

  • The best roofing material for your roof

1. During your roofing consultation, ask your roofer about what materials would be best for your roof.

2. Ask about colors and styles that could help increase your home’s curb appeal

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