November Houston Home Maintenance Tips #houstonroofing

houston-home-maintenance-tips-november-2012-fsr-servicesIn Houston, the leaves seem to take a long time to change colors and fall off of the trees. So it’s no wonder the last month of our fall season, seems to have already sneaked up on us.

The last few months have blessed us with some perfect (yet irregular) temperatures. It’s been a nice change from the extreme summer heat. Also, the mosquitoes have begun to die off and our worries of the devastating West Nile virus outbreak are slowly fading away (along with the 2012 election madness).

On to your November Home Maintenance Tips!

Note: We  want everyone to be safe; if you don’t quite understand how to complete a task or if you don’t feel comfortable with doing something we recommend on your own…please contact a professional.

We do not recommend any roofing maintenance tips – since there is an obvious risk of falling. We do highly recommend that you contact us to set up  bi-annual or annual Houston roofing maintenance with us as soon as possible. (281) 852-9555

For the most part, most Houstonian’s yearly gardening days are now on hold, and there are only a few gardening tasks that should be tended to this month.

November Home Maintenance Checklist

1 – Change out your HVAC filter

2 – Test your Smoke Detector

3 – Make sure to clean your oven / ovens early on this month, before the holiday baking and cooking begins.

4 – Even though the leaves are not falling in huge number right now…they will be very soon! So make sure to keep your free and clear with regular cleaning. (Contact us for gutter solutions that will keep you off of that ladder and your gutters leaf free!)

Gardening & Yard Maintenance Checklist

1 – Make sure to relocate sensitive potted plants & herbs into areas where they can receive longer periods of direct sunlight (or simply move them inside).

1.2 – Additionally, make sure you keep these guys watered.

2 – Any gardening tools that were used throughout the year need to be cleaned, oiled and put away.

3 – Keep an eye on your weather app or on the weather channel. Watch out for hard freeze or frost warnings. Ensure that you cover any shrubs or plants  that could be damaged during these types of harsh weather conditions.

4 – If you haven’t taken the time this year to apply mulch around your rose bushes, flower beds or shrubs…now would be a good time for this. Being proactive and applying mulch, will help give your garden an insulated layer of protection, against freezing temperatures and increase their chances of staying healthy until spring!

5 – When the leaves actually begin to fall, rake them up as quickly as possible and instead of trashing them…create a compost pile for your garden!

Other maintenance tips to consider

If you plan on traveling over the holidays, be sure you start getting those travel plans finalized!

1 – If you’re planning on driving, make sure your vehicle is up to date on its tune up, oil change, antifreeze and that all other fluids are topped off.

2- Get to work on those gift giving lists, holiday card lists and make sure you’re all stocked up on wrapping paper!

We hope you have a safe and happy 2012 holiday season.

Remember to have your roof checked by one of our expert Houston roofing professionals as soon as possible. All of these tips can help save you time, money and a whole lot of headaches.




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