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Worship Facility Roofing

Providing churches and worship facilities with high-quality commercial roofing at an honest price.

Here at FSR Services, we have built our business on integrity. Our commercial roofing crews are trained to be respectful and courteous on each and every job, so that you can feel at ease when a roofing project is in progress. From experience, we understand that churches and worship facilities can provide some unique commercial roofing issues – causing delays and mistakes for any contractor lacking experience. We’re a commercial roofing contractor with values.

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Worship Facility Projects

Healthcare Facility Roofing

We provide real commercial roofing solutions for the entire healthcare industry.

Everything from community clinics and senior living centers to local hospitals and 24-hour emergency centers...FSR Services has established a solid track record within the healthcare and hospital facility market sector. We offer our clients high-quality results that begin with strategic project planning and extends beyond the stages of roof completion, into the service and maintenance of your healthcare facility's roof.

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Healthcare Facility Projects

Retail Establishments & Developers

Strip centers, shopping malls, mixed-use facilities, restaurants, outlet stores and mega retail stores.

When it comes to facility roofing projects - retail facilities are the most challenging and unique of them all. With tenants ranging from grocers to restaurants and even healthcare providers. The large number of variables are nearly endless. Our extensive experience in the retail roofing market sector is invaluable, and allows us to focus our roofing bids, designs and proposals towards roofing solutions that fit the actual needs of you and your facility.

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Retail Roofing Projects

Industrial and Warehousing Roofing

From industrial complexes to plants and factories, no matter the size or complexity we've got you covered.

Managing an industrial or warehouse facility, you rely on your factory, machines and equipment to help you meet customer expectations and production timelines. A roofing system that constantly fails does not just interrupt your daily operations it can even negatively impact your bottom line. Your roofing system serves as a fundamental asset to your industrial warehouse, factory or other industrial facility, and FSR Services has a wide range of solutions in order to meet your specific needs.

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Industrial & Warehousing Projects

Hospitality and Hotel Roofing

Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts Choose FSR Services for Beautiful Long Lasting Roofing Solutions.

Our extensive new construction and roof replacement experience with hotels, restaurants, and other sizeable facilities; provides us with keen insight into what it takes to install a watertight and yet beautiful commercial roofing system. Your roof system is an important investment in your restaurant or hotel, and FSR Services is ready with multiple solutions to help meet your specific roofing needs.

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Hospitality & Hotel Projects

Office Complex and High-Rise

We have what it takes to tackle any small business, standard commercial or high-rise office roofing project.

Whether your facility is a small office or a commercial high-rise that needs professional commercial roofing, FSR Services has more than 25 years of experience installing, replacing, repairing, and maintaining office building roofing systems.

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Office Complex & High-Rise Projects

Multi-Family Commercial Roofing

Property management companies trust FSR Services with their commercial roofing projects.

Our long lasting relationships with our multi-family clients has given us the unique ability to listen in – first hand on what’s important to the owners & property managers of multi-family housing. We offer cost effective commercial roofing solutions for Multi-Family Properties, Condos, Apartments, Property Managers and Home Owners Associations (HOAs).

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Multi-Family Projects